Unique Challenges: Health and Caregiving

Solo aging, a journey undertaken by individuals without the traditional support network of close family, presents unique challenges, particularly in the realms of health and caregiving.

Managing Healthcare and Medication Independently

As health needs become more complex with age, solo agers must develop strategies to handle their healthcare effectively. This includes maintaining a comprehensive and up-to-date list of medications, understanding their purposes and potential side effects.

Deciding on Long-Term Care Arrangements and Financing

Long-term care is a critical consideration. The decision involves not only choosing the right type of care—whether it be in-home care, assisted living, or a nursing home—but also figuring out how to finance it.

Choosing Suitable and Accessible Housing

The choice of housing has a great influence over caregiving, especially having people to check in on us and building a network of friends for support. The ideal home should not only be comfortable and in a desirable location but also be accessible and adaptable to changing health needs.

This article delves into the complexities solo agers face in managing healthcare and medication, deciding on and financing long-term care arrangements, and choosing suitable housing that accommodates evolving health needs. Read the full article here. https://carolmarak.com/newsletters/Solo+Aging+Unique+Challenges+of+Health+and+Caregiving+

By addressing these challenges head-on, solo agers can ensure that their later years are not only comfortable and secure but also characterized by a sense of independence and dignity.

Carol Marak, Author, Speaker, Go-to Authority on Aging Alone

After spending nearly a decade helping her elderly parents with the aging issues, Carol had a wake-up call, “Who will do for me all the things I did for my parents?” Taking note of that difficult realization, she got on the stick and created a roadmap to guide her in addressing the inevitable complexities of aging while living alone.

Carol knows what’s truly needed when a person has only herself to rely on.

She has taught hundreds of adults to think more creatively about and to take action for acquiring stronger health, a connected and supportive lifestyle, an inspiring purpose, more engagement, safe and secure finances and legal concerns—and more. Media refers to Carol Marak as the go-to authority of the fastest growing adult population—aging alone aka, solo agers.

Outside of my passion for mentoring and supporting solos, I enjoy the outdoors as an avid walker.

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