1. Episode 57 | Podcast Monetization: Turning Listeners into Revenue with Sarah McDowell Showing Up Solo 32:39

In this episode, Hannah chats with Sarah McDowell, SEO Manager from Captivate and host of the SEO Mindset podcast. 

Hannah and Sarah are talking podcast monetization today, and how you can turn your listeners into revenue. 

Sarah highlights some key areas that you can utilize, sponsorship, subscription models (like Patreon), Ads, Merch and Affiliate Marketing. 

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s about the community you can create not just download numbers  

  • Create relationships with the right people

  • Being a small podcast is an advantage 

Hannah talks about Affiliate marketing with Jaime Bell in a previous episode: https://www.showingupsolo.com/episodes/episode-49-how-to-integrate-affiliate-marketing-into-your-strategy-legally-with-jaime-bell 

Sarah’s top piece of advice – 

Don’t let fear stop you from asking!! 

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