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December 20th, 2023

Episode 54 | Best of Showing Up Solo 2023

  1. Episode 54 | Best of Showing Up Solo 2023 Showing Up Solo 18:34

Welcome to this special episode of Showing Up Solo! 

Hannah wants to share some behind the scenes clips, funny blooper moments and some of the key takeaways from her fantastic guests from 2023. 

We even have a special intro from the famous Rachael! 😂

We’ve featured clips from these episodes: 

Episode 28: Why It’s Important To Be Intentional When Creating A Marketing Strategy with Agatha Brewer: 

Episode 29: How To Know If Your Marketing Is Working: 

Episode 30: How To Leverage Facebook Groups When Marketing A Small Business with David Williams: 

Episode 31: Using Facebook Groups To Build A Community For Your Business: 

Episode 32: How To Write Effective Facebook Ads For Your Business With Cassidy Dickens: 

Episode 33: Why Engagement Is An Important Part Of Your Social Media Marketing Strategy: 

*our most popular episode of 2024!* Episode 34: Introduction To SEO And Website Building For Solopreneurs with Squarespace Expert Becca Harpain: 

Episode 35: How Video Content Can Help You Grow Your Business with Tom Stanhope: 

Episode 37: How To Use Blogging To Market Your Business & Boost Your SEO with Hannah Duncan: 

Episode 38: How To Use Pinterest To Boost The Brand Awareness Of Your Business: 

Episode 39 | How To Make Your Content More Accessible with Anne Mok: 

Episode 42 | How AI Can Be Used To Simplify Your Online Marketing with Rachael Botfield and Becca Harpain: 

Episode 52 | Sales Funnel Strategy: Convert Prospects to Customers with Chantelle Davison: 

Happy Holidays! 🎄

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Hannah McCormick Marketing Coach & Consultant, Podcast Host

Showing Up Solo started as a way to make marketing more accessible to solopreneurs. Along with business bestie, Nicole, I launched our video podcast in January 2022.  Now over 40 episodes in, I'm taking it to the next level by offering 1:1 marketing coaching!

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