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August 16th, 2023

Episode 45 | Networking for Introverted Entrepreneurs: How to Build Meaningful Connections Online and Offline

  1. Episode 45 | Networking for Introverted Entrepreneurs: How to Build Meaningful Connections Online and Offline Showing Up Solo 49:45

In this week’s special panel-style episode, Hannah is joined by four guests to explore networking for introverts and how introverted entrepreneurs can build meaningful relationships both online and offline. 

Amber Hart, of Hey Amber is a copywriter, project manager and website designer who works with neuro-divergent and female coaches, therapists, storytellers and creatives. 

Jane Carter, of Jane Carter Coaching, built a successful therapy practice before turning her sights to business-Coaching, where she helps solopreneurs and small business owners bring more money, freedom and joy back to their businesses.

Shannon Russell, host of the Second Act Success Podcast, is a career transition coach and certified YOUMAP coach whose focus is in helping women become the best version of themselves, while they pursue a life they dream about.

Cindy Norton Stokes, of Mountain Practice Journeys is a coach & mentor for mystics, introverts, & highly sensitive souls. Cindy also hosts the Mountain Practice Journeys Podcast and The Forest, a comfy, cozy community for women+, introverts, highly sensitive people, solopreneurs, nature lovers, mystics, & witches.

As a mix of introverts, extroverted introverts and ambiverts, the panel share their personal experience with networking, the challenges they’ve faced and the solutions they’ve found. 

They discuss how being an introvert can often wrongly be perceived as shyness, how social media can be just as draining as in-person events and some of the roadblocks they come up against when networking. 

The top takeaways from the panel’s discussion are: 

  • Forgiving ourselves when we can’t or don’t want to show up on social media. We don’t need to criticize ourselves. 

  • Owning our vulnerability or anxiety at an event as acknowledging it makes it easier. 

  • Seeking out places in which we feel comfortable for networking. 

  • Making connections on our own terms. 

Resources mentioned during the episode:

Mountain Practice Journeys, episode 42: Embodiment For More Joyful Networking with guest Susannah Horwitz 

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