1. Media Presence to Making Money with Dr. Barrett Matthews Harry Spaight 28:46

Description: In this episode, Media Presence to Making Money with Dr. Barrett Matthews, host Harry Spaight is joined by media visionary Dr. Barrett Matthews. They discuss strategies for monetizing podcasts, the growth and impact of podcasting, and the importance of pursuing passion while recognizing potential opportunities. Dr. Matthews shares insights on how to transition within your podcast niche, the value of even a small audience, and the power of authenticity in podcasting and video content creation. Tune in to learn actionable tips for growing your podcast platform, engaging your audience, and monetizing your content.Key Points:

1. Joe Rogan’s podcast success: Celebrity status and Spotify sponsorship

2. Monetizing podcasts: Inserting sponsor commercials, selling own products/services, affiliations with guests

3. Platforms for podcast monetization: Patreon, brand partnerships, product endorsements

4. Opportunities beyond playing an instrument in the music industry

5. Overlooking the many roles available in various industries

6. Overcoming self-doubt in video content creation

7. Transitioning within a podcast niche to retain listeners

8. The value of a small audience and potential clients

9. Do it for the message, not just ego or recognition

10. The rise of video content and YouTube as additional platforms

11. Podcasting requires effort to monetize

12. Starting with podcasting and expanding to video content

13. Authenticity and the importance of not seeking constant validation

14. Dr. Barrett Matthews’ MediaBoss Pro and its offerings

15. Emphasizing the value of growth and improvement over perfection

16. The power of passion and switching topics in podcasting

17. Focusing on the audience and providing value

18. Bringing energy to engage and attract clients

19. Enjoying the journey and having fun while creating content

20. Strategies for small business owners transitioning from corporate

21. Staying top of mind and making yourself visible to potential clients


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Listen to this insightful episode of “Sales Made Easy” to discover practical advice and strategies for monetizing your podcast, growing your platform, and maximizing your impact. Gain valuable insights from Dr. Barrett Matthews, a media expert who understands the power of podcasting as a tool for branding, visibility, and business growth. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your podcasting game and exceed your goals!Dr. Barrett Matthews is the visionary behind Media Boss Pro, a media powerhouse that elevates brands, captivates audiences, and boosts visibility. With a background in media production and a trailblazing spirit, Dr. Matthews revolutionizes media presence. He is showing top-level businesses how to improve their visibility and protifability.



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