1. How to Become a Flight Attendant in the 2nd Half of Life #162 Marc Miller - Career Designer for Career Pivot 41:25

Podcast #162 – Marc Interviews Joanne Webb, Author of Desire the Skies – The First Book Every Aspiring Flight Attendant Needs to Read Description:

Joanne Webb has been a flight attendant for nineteen years. As she pursued this career path, she also took some miss-steps along the way.  She applied to become a flight attendant a few different times after graduating from college.  She was rejected, and based on that feeling, stopped pursuing the one career that truly made her feel excited. 

In the summer of 2000, Joanne wandered into a hat store in New York City after calling on a client.  The woman working there, Tricia, was about fifty at the time.  She mentioned she was going to Paris that night and that she was a flight attendant for Continental Airlines, which is now part of United Airlines.  Joanne told her she had applied three years before and they didn’t want her.  Tricia assured her that was not necessarily true – she just needed some Coaching. Joanne reapplied at Continental and is now a nineteen-year flight attendant at United (United and Continental merged). 

Joanne also spent two years volunteering with immigrants in Denver with employment services.  In doing this, she learned about resumes and interviews, as well as about the general workplace from a different angle. Joanne has taken knowledge from the airline industry and from employment counseling and has created two online courses, does private interview Coaching, and has written a book called Desire the Skies: The First Book Every Aspiring Flight Attendant Needs to Read.  Many of her clients are doing a Career Pivot.

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Prescription for Change: From Pharmacist To Flight AttendantSecondactstories.org

Joanne explains that people who are interested in becoming flight attendants in the 2nd half of life are often those who wanted to do this earlier in their lives but did not pursue it.

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