1. #206 Finding Love After 40 In The Digital Age/ft. Hoyt Prisock Heike Yates, Hoyt Prisock 38:06

Welcome to episode #206 of the Pursue Your Spark Podcast. Our guest, Hoyt Prisock, the innovative creator behind a successful online speed dating platform, launched with Match.com nearly two decades ago. Hoyt, who found himself navigating the online dating world after a long marriage, has since become a seasoned voice in this arena, offering unique insights through his podcast, ‘Behind the Swipe.’

Hoyt shared his perspective on how the dynamics of online dating differ substantially for individuals in Midlife compared to younger generations. He provided thoughtful commentary on the unique mindset challenges encountered by men and women re-entering the dating scene later in life, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and confidence.

A crucial part of our conversation revolves around the mindset challenges men and women face in Midlife as they enter the online dating scene. Hoyt offers insights on how to overcome these challenges, emphasizing the importance of confidence and authenticity. 

Hoyt also highlights the most significant mistakes men and women make when starting to date online and shares surprising learnings from his podcast, ‘Behind the Swipe.’ He provides three essential dating rules for navigating the online world and suggests an old-school compliment that deserves a revival in online dating.

We also explored the most common mistakes made by individuals dating online and the surprising lessons Hoyt has learned from his podcast. He shared three fundamental rules for dating success in the digital age, alongside a charming, old-fashioned compliment he believes is due for a revival.

Whether it’s about building confidence in the dating scene or learning to present our authentic selves online, there’s a lot we can take away from Hoyt’s experiences and the stories from Behind the Swipe. Remember, it’s never too late to find love or companionship, and navigating the online dating world in Midlife can be an adventure filled with growth and unexpected joys.

We want to know how this episode resonated with you. Did it change your perspective on online dating? Do you have your own stories or tips to share? Your insights and experiences are valuable, and we would love to hear them. 

Email us at heike@heikeyates.com with the subject ‘Dating’ and let us know your thoughts on episode #206.

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