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How Black Women Advocate for Better Healthcare #216

  1. How Black Women Advocate for Better Healthcare #216 Heike Yates, Elaine Curry, Brenda Barbour, Body Wealth Sisters 52:05

Healthcare advocacy for Black women took center stage as Elaine Curry and Brenda Barbour, the Body Wealth Sisters, joined us. Their expertise and personal journeys shed light on the critical path of navigating the healthcare system as a Black or African American woman. “How Black Women Advocate for Better Healthcare” wasn’t merely an episode title—it transformed into a manifesto, resonating with Elaine and Brenda’s dedication to tearing down systemic barriers and equipping our listeners with the tools necessary for self-advocacy. They also are the hosts of the Body Wealth Sister podcast.

Elaine and Brenda’s motivation to speak on this topic comes from their encounters with the healthcare system, which revealed the significant barriers Black women often face, from systemic biases to socioeconomic obstacles. This episode sheds light on these issues, offering listeners actionable advice on engaging with healthcare providers, questioning standard practices, and seeking care that respects and understands their needs.

A crucial takeaway from our conversation was the power of self-advocacy. Elaine and Brenda emphasized the importance of asking the right questions, not settling for the first opinion, and finding healthcare professionals who are allies in their health journey. Their insights are a call to action for systemic change, advocating for a healthcare system that is more inclusive, equitable, and responsive to the needs of Black and African American communities.

This episode isn’t just a one-time listen. It’s part of a more extensive conversation on healthcare equity and power. Elaine and Brenda urge everyone to get involved, share our stories, and drive change. 

Together, we can work towards a future where every woman can access the healthcare she deserves. Let’s keep the conversation going and make a tangible impact on the healthcare system.

If this discussion inspires you or you have your own experiences to share, please contact us at heikey@heikeyates.com with “Advocacy” in the subject line. Together, we’re not just listeners; we’re change-makers.

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Heike Yates Host Pursue Your Spark Podcast

Heike Yates, a Midlife Mindset and Fitness Coach is a powerhouse in fitness, nutrition, and mindset with over 35 years of expertise. She breaks down the complexities of midlife wellness into simple, actionable steps to start taking action today.

But don’t mistake her for someone helping you get by in midlife—Heike’s all about helping you thrive. She’s transforming not just bodies but lives with her unique approach to getting active, eating right, and boosting energy. When she’s not coaching or behind the mic, catch her outdoors, pushing her limits as a triathlete or embarking on a new adventure.

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