1. EP240 Empire Building Essentials: Creating Franchise Success with John Hewitt Marcia Riner - Business Growth Strategist 37:38

Welcome to today’s episode. It promises an extraordinary peek into the world of franchising mastery. Join us as John Hewitt, the legendary founder of Jackson Hewitt and Liberty Tax, unveils the secrets behind his franchise empire. Whether you’re eyeing franchise ownership or seeking inspiration from a true entrepreneurial giant, this session is packed with invaluable insights. Get ready for a masterclass in business growth and success. Don’t miss out on this powerful episode that could redefine your approach to building your own empire.

Host:  Marcia Riner – CEO of Infinite Profit

Guest:  John Hewitt- CEO of Loyalty Brands

Key Points Discussed:

  1. Introduction to John Hewitt:

    • John Hewitt is highlighted as a significant figure in the franchising world, especially in the tax preparation industry. His role in founding two of the largest tax preparation companies in the US, Jackson Hewitt and Liberty Tax, is emphasized.
  2. Entrepreneurship and Profitability:

    • The podcast focuses on strategies for small business owners to increase profitability and growth. Marcia Riner, the host, introduces herself as a business growth strategist, aiming to guide businesses toward higher profitability and a successful exit strategy.
  3. Franchising as a Business Model:

    • John Hewitt’s journey into the tax preparation industry began with his interest and subsequent work in tax preparation as a young adult. His venture into franchising is discussed as a strategic move that propelled his companies to significant growth.
  4. Success Through Franchising:

    • Hewitt’s approach to franchising, his emphasis on creating a system that guarantees success for franchisees, and his personal experiences and strategies that led to the exponential growth of his franchises are discussed. The Resilience of the tax preparation industry, even during economic downturns, is also highlighted.
  5. Innovations in Tax Preparation:

    • Hewitt shares his experience with developing tax preparation software and how technology has played a role in the evolution of tax services. The conversation also touches on the importance of software in enhancing service quality and efficiency.
  6. Building and Selling Franchise Businesses:

    • The podcast delves into Hewitt’s experience with building Jackson Hewitt and Liberty Tax into successful franchises and eventually selling these businesses. The discussion provides insights into the challenges and successes of growing a franchise model.
  7. Advice for Entrepreneurs and Franchisees:

    • John Hewitt offers advice on what makes a franchise successful, emphasizing the importance of having happy, successful franchisees. He shares insights into the common pitfalls of franchising and how to overcome them.
  8. Looking Forward:

    • The episode concludes with information on how listeners can access resources like the Profit Booster Playbook and engage further with the topics discussed through the podcast platform.

John is offering a free copy of his book: ICompete Just email him @ john@loyaltybrands.com


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