1. Reading "tells" in football, baseball, and other sports, with Jon Hoefling Zachary Elwood 28:39

A talk with Jon Michael Hoefling, a sports analyst, about reading behavioral tells and indicators in football, baseball, tennis, and other sports. We focus on a 2021 story that quarterback Ben Roethlisberger had a tell: how he positioned his foot before a play was a strong indicator of whether he'd run or pass. We also talk about reading tells and predicting actions in baseball, tennis, and other sports. One story we talk about was Andre Agassi claiming to once have had a very reliable tell on Boris Becker. (This is a reshare of a July 2021 episode.)

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I'm a former professional poker player who is most well known for my books on poker tells/behavior: my first book Reading Poker Tells has been translated into 8 languages. I'm also known for my psychology podcast People Who Read People, which is known for often focusing on political polarization-related topics.