Emma Nicholls, the ‘Diabetic Duchess’ is a Health Coach on a mission to support diabetics on their journeys to improved health and wellness.

Emma has lived with Type One Diabetes for over 44 years and knows that the ownership of her longevity and well-being sits firmly in her hands.

In her early 50s, Emma was faced with the prospect of facing her latter years with chronic kidney disease and poor eyesight due to the damage done by the condition in her younger years.

At that time, she was offered a simultaneous kidney and pancreas transplant by her medical team.

Something made her question this approach and challenge what might be possible.

She started a period of frenzied research and ultimately decided not to progress with this form of treatment. Instead, she decided to quite simply ‘change her life’ and to no longer be a ‘victim’ of the condition but a believer that it was in fact, a blessing.
She started to do a number of things to dramatically improve her diabetes control and to reverse some of her diabetes related complications.

Emma shares her personal story and insights into the world of diabetes and to reclaiming health. This is her life purpose.

Emma has a first degree in Food Science and Food Economics, an Executive MBA from Northwestern University – Kellogg School of Management and a Certificate in Health Coaching.

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Ann M. Hester, M.D. The Yes I Can Doc

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