1. #179- Samantha Peszek: USA Gymnast Talks 2008 Olympics and Her Post-Retirement Careers Jackson Huff 38:33

From the spotlights of the Olympic stage to the bright lights of the camera I talk this week with 2008 Olympian Samantha Peszek about her life thus far. We cover growing up in the world of gymnastics, joining the national team, and competing in the Olympics on one of the most famous US teams ever. We talk about the injuries that occurred to the team and having such high expectations that even their silver medal finish was something they had to come to terms with. We also chat about her illustrious career in collegiate gymnastics where she won multiple NCAA titles for UCLA. Once retired her career took her on two paths the world of journalism where she works for ESPN and NBC and the world of mentorship where she runs the Beam Queen boot camp for young gymnasts. This is an amazing chat!


Samantha’s Website: http://www.samanthapeszek.com/

Samantha’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/samanthapeszek/

Beam Queen Website: https://www.beamqueen.com/


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