1. EP 262 Surviving and Healing Trauma with Brooke Kekos - Mom, Survivor, Therapist, and Practitioner Jaci Finneman 22:56

The Grief Monster Book Launch Day! CLICK To Order THE GRIEF MONSTER


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Today we welcome Brooke Kekos, a compassionate mom and professional helping women on their trauma recovery journey. As a devoted Trauma Recovery Coach, Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT), and NLP Practitioner, Brooke specializes in empowering survivors to rewrite their stories.


Today we talk about resources to support you in healing your trauma. Including CBT, NLP and Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), and we celebrate the launch of Brooke’s new childrens book, “The Grief Monster.”



February 22nd 2024 marks the launch of Brooke’s new book, “The Grief Monster.” This poignant story tenderly navigates the complex emotions of loss through the eyes of a young boy, Finn, who grapples with the death of his dad. Join Finn on a journey filled with poignant moments of laughter, tears, and healing as he encounters a unique companion – the Grief Monster.


Please share the book links with your family, friends, churches, schools, foster and social services communities.

Fifty percent of the proceeds will be donated to the Hope Foundation in Arizona, supporting children in the foster care system who have endured abuse and neglect.


For women who have suffered trauma:

Maybe you’re feeling stuck in traditional therapy. You’re not Moving forward, and you keep feeling run over by your past with no light anywhere in sight. You lost your power or think you never had any. 
Could you use a lifeline?  

Learn more about rewriting your trauma story:



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