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June 2nd, 2024

Season 5 Finale: 5 Misconceptions About Job Hunting

  1. Season 5 Finale: 5 Misconceptions About Job Hunting Jennifer A. Garrett 38:22

In this season finale episode of the Move the Ball podcast, host Jen Garrett reflects on the journey of the show, celebrating its milestone of over 340 episodes. Jen shares her gratitude to loyal listeners and provides insights into managing time effectively. She recounts her exhilarating experience at the Indianapolis 500, which reignited her passion for excellence. The episode also includes practical advice for job seekers, addressing common misconceptions about career networking, resume writing, job applications, and the feasibility of career changes. Jen emphasizes the importance of networking, preparing thoroughly for interviews, and being proactive in your job search. With additional resources and tips highlighted in the show notes, this episode is packed with valuable insights for anyone looking to advance their career.


Episode Highlights:

00:43 Season Five Finale and Milestones

01:55 Managing the Game Clock

03:47 Indianapolis 500 Experience

06:58 Career Development and Networking Tips

19:03 Resume Writing Best Practices

26:30 Accessing the Hidden Job Market

31:08 Interview Preparation and Standing Out


More Resources:

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Jen Garrett Branding Expert, Army Lawyer, and Podcast Host

Jennifer A. Garrett is an internationally recognized branding expert and creator of the Move the Ball movement who currently works with corporate executives and professional athletes (NFL, NBA, etc.) on creating powerful brands and using those brands to "move the ball" in business. Jen hosts the Move the Ball podcast, has seven college degrees, is an Army officer, is a mom of five, is a former Fortune 50 executive and is the author of the books: Move the Ball: How American Football Can Help You Achieve Your Life Goals and Dominate the Game: How Life Changes When You Show Up.

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