1. Corey Fuller: Building a Champion’s Mindset Jennifer A. Garrett 27:16

Corey Fuller, a former professional football player, speaks about his journey from the projects to the NFL, influencing thousands of people through his experiences. Fuller highlights the importance of staying true to one’s self, rising above adversity, and showcasing one’s character, even in strenuous situations. From sharing his experiences in adapting to different NFL teams to his advice for young aspirants in sports, Fuller brings a slew of life insights. Lastly, Fuller discusses his current role at Florida State University and how he uses his position to positively impact the athletes’ lives.


Episode Highlights:

01:49 Corey’s Journey: Overcoming Challenges and Moving the Ball

02:46 Lessons from the Field: Football and Life

06:32 From Collegiate to Professional Football: Corey’s Transition

12:32 Life After the NFL

14:37 Making an Impact: Corey’s Role at Florida State University

16:25 Spreading Positivity: Corey’s Speaking Engagements

23:14 Advice for Aspiring Sports Professionals


About Corey Fuller:

Corey Fuller, a Rickards High School graduate, is among Tallahassee’s most prominent athletes. After excelling as a defensive back under Bobby Bowden at FSU and being a member of FSU’s National Championship Team in 1993, he enjoyed a decade-long NFL career, notably with the Minnesota Vikings, Cleveland Browns, and Baltimore Ravens. Returning to his roots, Fuller coached at Rickards before transforming East Gadsden High School’s struggling football program into a contender. Recognized for his compassion and toughness, he now coaches cornerbacks, enhancing defensive prowess. A two-sport star at FSU, Fuller’s NFL tenure saw him as a feared defensive back, tallying 590 tackles and 17 interceptions. As a mentor and coach, his impact extends far beyond the field, shaping young lives for success.

Connect with Corey:

Website: https://just-work-44996073.hubspotpagebuilder.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/coachcfuller24

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@CoreyFuller24

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@coachcoreyfuller24


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