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  1. Let’s Think About ”Caring With An Open Heart” With Special Guest Irina Castellano Mitzi Ocasio 28:00

Opening your home to kids with no home requires a different type of love, understanding, and compassion—a perfect recipe for a caring, open heart. Irina was so kind to come on my show to share her journey into adopting over 50 kids, sharing the ups and downs, and everything in between. 

Hi, my name is Mitzi. I consider myself to be an overthinker.

I love thinking about everything that can be considered and why such things are. I have always been curious about why people feel a certain way and how easily certain things can become taboo.

That is why I started Mitzi; let's think about it. Because I love thinking about everything that can be thought of, please tune into my podcast if you are as curious about life as I am.