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  1. EP 127: “Cashing In On Perception” - Mike & Blaine Mike Milan & Blaine Bertsch 55:33

For some time now, value pricing has been all the rage in many industries. So, we took a dive into the art of value pricing, where you are focused on the customer experience, not the costs associated with the sale. What might seem like a recipe for disaster could be the very strategy you need to thrive. In this episode, Mike & Blaine take on the facts and myths of value pricing.

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Featured Beer: @​​twistedxbrewing @ResidentCulture

Mike: Twisted X Brewing – McConauHaze IPA

Blaine: Resident culture – Tiny Ego Pastry Stout

Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/npcC-1lMYlE

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Blaine is a co-host on Business, Beer & BS with Mike & Blaine. He's also Co-Founder and CEO at Dryrun, a business cash flow forecasting and modeling software company, and author of "Chronic Cash Flow". Blaine's co-host, Mike Milan, also known as "Cash Flow Mike", is a serial entrepreneur, author and finance coach for business owners and CPAs.