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June 10th, 2024

Ep 186 Millennials Redefine Midlife Crisis and the Road to Fulfillment

  1. Ep 186 Millennials Redefine Midlife Crisis and the Road to Fulfillment Bernie Borges 20:16

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In this 'On My Mind' episode, I delve into findings from a recent report published by The Thriving Center of Psychology titled Millennials in Crisis.

Here are three key points and my takeaway:

1️⃣ Millennials Struggle with Midlife: The report from the Thriving Center of Psychology revealed that 64% of millennials have experienced a life crisis, with 39% experiencing one in 2024. In my view, this high percentage indicates the significant pressure and high expectations millennials feel.

2️⃣ Perceptions of Midlife: The report highlighted that 1 in 10 millennials reported experiencing a Midlife crisis around age 34, and 81% believe they can't afford a Midlife crisis, with 58% feeling they don't have time for one. This challenges the traditional perception of a Midlife crisis occurring in your 40s or 50s.

3️⃣ Overcoming Midlife Challenges: The report emphasizes that a Midlife crisis can lead to positive personal growth with a good support system. Seeking help from family, friends, and therapists during challenging times can make a positive difference.

In this episode, I share a personal experience where I realized the increasing responsibilities and pressures that come with adulting when I was in my thirties. This personal insight leads me to believe that Midlife seasons could begin in our thirties, despite not considering to be in Midlife in this age range. My experience is corroborated by the Millennials in Crisis report, supporting my thesis that our Midlife challenges begin at an earlier age than traditionally considered.

My main takeaway is that Midlife challenges and crises can occur in our 30s, 40s or 50s. What we all have in common is the desire to thrive.

Report from The Thriving Center of Psychology: Millennials in Crisis


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I started podcasting in 2013. My most recent podcast is the Midlife Fulfilled weekly podcast which launched in February 2022.

I was frustrated by a lack of fulfillment, in spite of good health, a successful career, good fitness, a healthy marriage, and overall happiness. Despite these blessings, I was lacking fulfillment.

I conducted a survey and discovered that I wasn’t alone on the journey to find more fulfillment. As an experienced podcaster, I knew that I could provide a platform to help men and women in midlife find more fulfillment and joy through a weekly podcast.

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