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April 15th, 2024

Ep 174 Balancing Personal and Career for a Rewarding Midlife

  1. Ep 174 Balancing Personal and Career for a Rewarding Midlife Bernie Borges 29:51

Episode 174 features Clara Capano an internationally recognized speaker and author, to discuss her CLARATY Success Method. Clara shares her powerful personal journey to finding the balance between her personal and career life.

Three key discussion points from our conversation are: 

1️⃣ Find clarity in your vision: Clara shared her backstory and explained her CLARATY Success Method, which is based on her personal journey to bring balance and intention into her life. She emphasized the importance of having a clear vision, taking intentional actions, balancing work with rest and recovery, and celebrating achievements.

2️⃣ Align your values with your vision: We discussed the struggles people experience when trying to find balance in all aspects of life, including career, relationships, health, and personal growth. It is important to regularly revisit and align current values with personal and professional goals to maintain fulfillment.

3️⃣ Vision and action create impact: Clara expressed the impact of her CLARATY Success Model on her own life, describing how it has empowered her to be present, understand the importance of rest, disconnect from work, and maintain core relationships.

Questions to ponder from this episode:

How do you prioritize clarity of vision in your own life and work?

Do you prioritize rest and recovery, and what practices ensure balance in your personal and career life?

How do you maintain meaningful connections while balancing a demanding career or other aspects of your life?

Let Clara's story inspire you to find balance between your personal and professional life.


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I started podcasting in 2013. My most recent podcast is the Midlife Fulfilled weekly podcast which launched in February 2022.

I was frustrated by a lack of fulfillment, in spite of good health, a successful career, good fitness, a healthy marriage, and overall happiness. Despite these blessings, I was lacking fulfillment.

I conducted a survey and discovered that I wasn’t alone on the journey to find more fulfillment. As an experienced podcaster, I knew that I could provide a platform to help men and women in midlife find more fulfillment and joy through a weekly podcast.

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