1. Ep 138 How Jenn Herman Merged Forensic Science with Instagram Expertise Bernie Borges 32:20

On episode 138 I'm joined by Jenn Herman, a renowned Instagram consultant, speaker, author, and entrepreneur balancing a full-time job, a full-time business, and being a mom to an amazing daughter. 

Jenn shares her personal journey of finding balance and joy in Midlife, which includes her unique journey from forensic science to Instagram expert, speaker, and author as well as her advocacy for female empowerment.

Jenn discusses a recent rant of hers on Instagram about the choice between the high-charging hustle culture and a balanced lifestyle, emphasizing the importance of choosing the path that gives you fulfillment and joy. She calls out the need to give yourself grace in making choices that best suit your growth and fulfillment goals in Midlife.

Jenn's unique background in forensic science and her transition to becoming arguably the world's leading Instagram expert illustrate a perspective that validates data-driven action plans in using Instagram. She points out the value of this approach in any business use case. 

Jenn's dedication to finding joy in life over 40 has led her to prioritize a life filled with joy by being available for her daughter's activities.

Jenn's passion for empowering women plays into her long-term legacy plan which includes helping women navigate their careers with confidence and success. Her determination to make a positive impact on women both personally and professionally is a big part of her identity.

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