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Welcome to my takeaway from episode 134, my conversation with Maureen Wiley Clough.

Happy Thanksgiving if you're seeing this on November 23, 2023, in the U.S. I am very thankful to you for listening to the Midlife Fufliedd podcast! 

Here is a recap of the three key discussion points from my conversation with Maureen Wiley Clough on ep 134.

1️⃣ Age diversity in the workplace contributes to innovation and better outcomes.
2️⃣ The tech industry, in particular, has a bias towards youth.
3️⃣ Awareness is the first step towards change.

As with any movement, awareness is always the first step. According to PwC, only 8 percent of organizations include age as a part of their D&I strategies.

The benefits of an age-diverse workplace are obvious. There are many examples of this.

What if SHRM created a Hall of Shame that lists companies with the worst age diversity records? No leader will want to be on this list.

Imagine if LinkedIn offered a digital badge that allows anyone to display “I support age diversity in the workplace.” 
My takeaway and challenge to you is building awareness of age diversity as an economic imperative is the way to abolish age discrimination in the workplace.

Do you have examples of age diversity in the workplace that you can share as success stories? If you do, post about them on LinkedIn calling attention to age diversity as well as the successful outcome.

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