1. XPRIZE Healthspan: Revolutionizing Human Aging & Healthspan with Dr. Jamie Justice InsideTracker 1:07:49

Can we find ways to target human aging and extend healthspan? This ambitious premise is at the heart of XPRIZE Healthspan, a 7-year, $101 million global competition with an audacious challenge: to successfully develop a proactive, accessible therapeutic that restores muscle, cognitive, and immune function by a minimum of 10 years, with a goal of 20 years, in persons aged 65-80 years, in one year or less.

In this episode of Longevity by Design, hosts Ashley Reaver and Dr. Gil Blander spoke with Dr. Jamie Justice, Executive Vice President of the Health Domain at XPRIZE, and Executive Director of XPRIZE Healthspan. The conversation sheds light on the emerging scientific evidence and paradigm-shifting concept for therapeutic interventions to extend healthspan and lifespan by targeting aging, rather than one age-related disease at a time. Dr. Justice also discusses her career journey and the XPRIZE Healthspan competition, in which she is leading international networks to drive innovative solutions to improve human health and aging that is affordable and accessible to all.

The conversation also explores the intersection of art and science in Dr. Justice's work. She emphasizes the role of creativity in scientific discovery, suggesting that a holistic approach is essential for groundbreaking achievements in aging research. The episode wraps up with Dr. Justice emphasizing a holistic approach for good health. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in aging and healthspan and the innovative work being done by XPRIZE.

Episode timestamps

  • Introduction: 00:00-02:08
  • What led Dr. Jamie Justice to become a scientist?: 02:09-06:55
  • How did Dr. Jamie Justice get interested in aging, healthspan, and longevity research?: 06:56-13:14
  • What kind of research did Dr. Jamie Justice do before becoming the EVP of the Health Domain at XPRIZE Foundation?: 13:15-26:09
  • What is XPRIZE?: What is the mission of XPRIZE? Why did Dr. Jamie Justice join XPRIZE?: 26:10-35:36
  • What is XPRIZE Healthspan?: 35:37-45:46
  • How is XPRIZE uniquely positioned to advance and facilitate innovative solutions to improve human health and aging?: 45:47-49:54
  • What are the phases of XPRIZE Healthspan?: 49:55-56:05
  • Who can apply to be in the XPRIZE Healthspan competition?: 56:06-58:54
  • What kind of trial designs does the XPRIZE Healthspan competition allow?: 58:55-01:02:38
  • How is the winner of XPRIZE Healthspan decided?: 01:02:39-01:04:57
  • Dr. Jamie Jusice’s top tip for improving health: 01:04:58-01:07:46
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