1. Financial Conversations, tips and more with John Puritz Dr. Constance Leyland 52:43

Financial education plays a pivotal role in our lives, shaping our financial decisions and setting us up for a secure future. However, understanding complex financial concepts and staying up-to-date with the latest trends can often feel overwhelming. That’s why I’m excited to bring you this LinkedIn Live event, where we’ll dive deep into the world of finance and explore strategies to make informed financial decisions.

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Constance Leyland Host of Level Up Podcast

I am a serial educator, opportunities designer, and a compassionate leader. I am a professor in business for a decade. I own my own business creating programs for professional development bridging the gap between theories you learn in college and the real world skills needed to be employed. I also run my podcast which can be heard in 42 nations and counties as of today. I am #121 listened to in Apple podcast out of 2.4 million. I am in 13 distribution channels as of today.