1. Unretired Professor Jeffrey Klubeck Talks About "The Integrity Game" Deanna Marie Radulescu/Jeffrey Klubeck 34:59

On this episode of Label Free Podcast, host Deanna Radulescu welcomes Jeffrey Klubeck, the unretired professor of communication and author of “The Integrity Game.” Jeffrey shares his journey of returning to teaching at his alma mater, San Diego State University, and the inspiration behind his book. He discusses the changing landscape of communication due to social media and technology, emphasizing the importance of critical thinking and accountability in today's society.

Jeffrey delves into the concept of integrity, challenging traditional definitions by focusing on integration rather than judgment. He introduces the 10-point model of the Integrity Game, designed to make accountability non-threatening and promote personal and professional growth. Jeffrey also shares insights on his Coaching and consulting practice, Get A Klu, and offers a free PDF copy of “The Integrity Game” to listeners.

The conversation with Jeffrey Klubeck is thought-provoking and engaging, touching on themes of vulnerability, growth, and self-reflection. Deanna and Jeffrey explore the nuances of integrity and accountability, encouraging listeners to consider their own values and behaviors. The episode concludes with a powerful message from Jeffrey, highlighting the importance of integration for personal development and growth. Tune in to this enlightening episode for a fresh perspective on integrity and accountability in today's world.

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