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Unpacking Relationship Magic with Fred Talisman

  1. Unpacking Relationship Magic with Fred Talisman Deanna Marie Radulescu/Fred Talisman 26:10

In this episode of the Label Free Podcast, host Deanna Radulescu interviews Fred Talisman, a licensed marriage family counselor and relationship coach with over 25 years of experience. Fred shares his journey into becoming a therapist and the pivotal moments that shaped his approach to helping clients. He discusses his training in NLP (Neural Linguistic Programming) and hypnosis, highlighting how these techniques can be used to understand and change patterns in clients' behavior.

Fred emphasizes the importance of seeing the positive qualities in individuals and treating them with respect and love, drawing from personal experiences and professional insights. He introduces the concept of “choice points” in communication, where honesty is used positively to support a goal of making the other person feel loved and respected.

The episode concludes with an announcement that Fred will be a resident relationship expert on the podcast, inviting listeners to email their relationship questions and topics for future episodes. Fred's mission is to help individuals revitalize and save their relationships, offering practical advice and tools to create the relationships of their dreams.

Check out Fred's 4-episode pop-up:

For relationship questions or advice; Email us at: 

Listeners are encouraged to tune in to future episodes to learn more about improving their relationships and living their best lives. 

As always thank you for the support, to contact me directly follow the link below:​ 

Stay Healthy, Stay Ready- 
Deanna Marie Radulescu

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