1. Unleashing the Spirit of Adventure: Christian Bacasa's Journey from Entrepreneurship to Fly Fishing Mastery - A Label Free Podcast Exclusive! Deanna Marie Radulescu/Christian Bacasa 26:08

In this episode of the Label Free Podcast, host Deanna Radulescu interviews Christian Bacasa, an avid fly fisherman, entrepreneur, podcaster, speaker, and author. Christian shares his journey from starting his career in sales to transitioning into entrepreneurship and finding his passion for fly fishing. He discusses his various ventures, including owning a podcast network, running a fly fishing business, and providing services as a consultant. Christian also talks about the challenges of podcasting and the importance of supporting and facilitating podcasters.

He emphasizes the technical aspects of fly fishing, including the use of lightweight flies and the importance of understanding river ecology and fish behavior. Christian also highlights the joy of constantly learning and solving puzzles in fly fishing.

Deanna and Christian discuss the importance of living life on purpose and finding a balance between patience and taking action. Christian shares his experience of overcoming health challenges and finding support from his friends and family.

The episode concludes with Christian sharing information about his podcast, the Fly Fishing Insider Podcast, where he interviews experts and provides valuable tips for fly fishing enthusiasts. He also mentions his co-authored book, “Fly Fishing Leadership,” which explores the lessons learned from fly fishing and their application to the business world.

To connect with Christian Bacasa and learn more about fly fishing, you can visit his website FFIPodcast.com or follow him on Instagram @FlyFishingInsiderPodcast.

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