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The Naked Revival: From Running to Entrepreneurship with Joel Primus

  1. The Naked Revival: From Running to Entrepreneurship with Joel Primus Deanna Marie Radulescu/Joel Primus 40:17

In this episode of Label Free Podcast, host Deanna Radulescu interviews Joel Primus, co-founder of Naked Revival and host of the Ramble Podcast. Joel shares his journey from being an elite long-distance runner to starting his own underwear brand, Naked Revival.
Joel discusses the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship, emphasizing the importance of taking risks and embracing failure as a learning opportunity.
He talks about the concept behind Naked Revival, focusing on the idea of stripping away labels and reviving one's true self through a curated lifestyle brand that includes clothing, supplements, and home essentials.
Joel also touches on the power of routines and the freedom that comes from letting go of societal expectations and embracing positive freedom.
The conversation delves into the themes of authenticity, self-discovery, and the value of living an adventurous life without knowing the outcome.
Joel shares insights on his documentary projects, including “Raising Global Citizens,” and provides information on where to watch them.
The episode concludes with Joel offering words of wisdom, encouraging listeners to approach life with curiosity and openness to new possibilities.
Follow Joel on social: https://www.instagram.com/joel.primus/

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