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Leading Mindfulness Expert Neil Seligman Talks Conscious Leadership

  1. Leading Mindfulness Expert Neil Seligman Talks Conscious Leadership Deanna Marie Radulescu 24:16

Happy Humpday Friends! 
In this episode of the Label Free podcast, host Deanna Radulescu interviews Neil Seligman, an international mindfulness expert and founder of the Conscious Professional. Seligman shares his journey of introducing mindfulness into corporate culture and the challenges he faced. They discuss the increasing adoption of mindfulness and the benefits it has in our daily lives. Radulescu also shares her own experience with morning meditations. Tune in to gain insights on mindfulness and conscious leadership. To learn more or to connect with Neil, head to the links below:

[00:00:23] Mindfulness becoming mainstream.
[00:04:19] Mindfulness beyond meditation.
[00:08:09] Mindfulness and inner consciousness.
[00:11:51] Mindfulness for Imposter Syndrome.
[00:16:07] Conscious leadership in the workplace.
[00:22:15] Mini mindfulness practice.
[00:24:01] Living label free.

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Stay Healthy, Stay Ready- 
Deanna Marie Radulescu
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