1. Helping People Fix Their Anxiety and Depression: A Conversation with Faust Ruggiero Deanna Marie Radulescu 20:51

In this episode of the Label Free Podcast, host Deanna Radulescu welcomes back Faust Ruggiero, a published research author and therapist with extensive experience in various clinical settings. Faust has worked with deaf children, prisons, nursing homes, substance abuse centers, and major corporations. He is the author of the “Fix Yourself Handbook” and the recently released “Fix Your Anxiety Handbook.” Faust discusses how anxiety and depression have become prevalent in our society, especially with the added stress of the pandemic. He emphasizes the importance of human connection and building a support network to combat these mental health issues. Faust also shares his approach to counseling, which focuses on addressing the root causes of anxiety and depression rather than relying on medication as a quick fix. He encourages individuals to view their conditions as separate from their identities and offers actionable steps for overcoming these challenges. The episode concludes with information on where to find Faust's books and how to connect with him. See links ⬇️:


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