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It's Wednesday Folks!
We're mid-week with another great episode. Hope everyone is having a productive week and finding inspiration wherever you're at in your journey. My next guest has quite the enigma! Don't let the title fool you, she is a hustler all day long. Please welcome PREMIERE guest Coralyn Jewel! Coralyn is on a mission through her books, articles, weekly podcasts, and her Sex-Positive seminars to help break the misconceptions and judgment of those who choose the adult industry as their career and those who choose to be involved in an alternative relationship that deviates from what society considers the “Norm”. 
In addition to being an international best-selling author of  When the Ice Melts: The Story of Coralyn Jewel, Coralyn is certified as a master's sexologist, Podcaster, adult performer, Lifestyle Coach, Swing Club Owner, motivational speaker, and event planner.  To learn more or to connect with Coralyn, head to the links below:


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