1. Chinese New Year in Sleepy Forest 🐰🧧 Rewind Bedtime Story Koala Kids & iHeartPodcasts 33:38

In tonight’s bedtime story for kids, we’re celebrating Chinese New Year! Join Rou the Rabbit and the other animals of the zodiac as they have a party and retell the story of how the Chinese Zodiac first began. Relax, get sleepy, and let’s begin! 

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The No1 kids bedtime stories & sleep meditations podcast that helps children sleep like a dream. Hosted by the world’s biggest fan of bedtime stories, Abbe Opher! All episodes are safe for babies, children and really big kids 0 to 100, so settle down tonight and get sleepy with the world’s greatest bedtime stories & sleep meditations for kids.


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Narrator 🎙️ Abbe Opher

Author 🖋️ Elisha Ainsley

Edited By ✏️ Xiaoyu Wei


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I am a British voice actor now living in rural Wales. My distinctive narrative style has been honed to help listeners relax and feel safe enough to fall asleep. Having listened to my own mother read bedtime stories and - more recently - read to my own children at bedtime, I understand firsthand how storytelling can genuinely help us to destress and access the deep rest we need to thrive.

Employing insights learnt as a copywriter, teacher, journalist and mother, I can voice a story in such a manner that will capture the heart, mind and full attention of adults and children alike.