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April 3rd, 2024

The Impact of Long Term Friendship

  1. The Impact of Long Term Friendship Jody Maberry 44:42

“I had a friend who believed in me, and I didn’t have the heart to let him down.”

Key Moments

02:23 Persuing Lifelong Passion

08:25 Using Personal History in Writing

11:09 Writing a Memoir 

17:45 Perception and Memories

21:51 Finding Purpose By Overcoming Challenges

26:32 The Power of Emotional Connection

29:22 Empowering Youth Through Storytelling

36:15 Power of Friendship and Community Support

39:23 Vision and Perception

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The Impact of Long Term Friendship

Few navigate the rhythm of life with as much heart and soul as Zoro the Drummer. During our conversation Zoro takes us through a collection of lessons directly from his mother and the his life, captured meticulously in diaries and a variety of mementos. These are the building blocks of his memoir, “Maria’s Scarf”. His book highlights the impact of enduring friendships, such as his with music icon Lenny Kravitz, the ways their lives intertwine, and how it lead to success and dreams realized. The book aims to inspire youngsters just as athlete stories inspired a young Zoro.

Zoro the Drummer has an impressive collection of memorabilia including report cards, band program programs, and ticket stubs. His commitment to preserving his history offers us a unique window into the life of a musician and the tangible milestones of his career. He celebrates his vision, perception, and unwavering optimism, which he says were instilled by his mother. Those are what he credits for his growth, his faith, and his successes in life.

Despite being turned down by publishers over 100 times, Zoro the Drummer’s perseverance paid off when his memoir was finally accepted with a major publisher. He sees this delay as divine design – time for him to craft his writing skills, preparing him for the book’s success. The book is a blend of heartwarming, heartbreaking, hilarious, and hopeful. As Zoro says, stories can fuel hope – a sentiment that he hopes readers will share worldwide.

Zoro the Drummer’s story is not only about his ascent from challenging beginnings but also underlines the power of persistence, the significance of relationships, and the indelible impact of a supportive community. His memoir is a testament to the human spirit’s capacity to dream and to triumph.


Jody Maberry Jody Maberry-Podcast Host

Jody Maberry is a former park ranger who became the happiest podcaster on earth. With more than 2,400 podcast episodes across several shows, Jody's podcasts have been listened to more than 4 million times. Jody has been heard around the world on shows such as The Park Leaders Show, Creating Disney Magic, Come Rain or Shine, and Great Escape Radio, among many others.  It's not just his voice that makes Jody a popular host; it's his curiosity, versatility, and ability to create a captivating conversation about any topic. He has hosted podcasts about Disney, recreation, travel writing, leadership, pharmacy, real estate, and self-improvement. His reputation in podcasting has led Jody to be featured in INC, Entrepreneur, The Business Journals, and Bizable TV.  Along with Lee Cockerell, he was nominated for Best Business Podcast and the People's Choice Awards for the popular Creating Disney Magic podcast.

Jody has also become a trusted voice for executives leaving the corporate world. As a guide in the wildernessof personal branding, Jody has worked with executives from well-known companies like Disney, government
officials, and professional athletes.  Jody's storytelling and unique outside perspectiveconnect with audiences and individuals, whether behind a podcast microphone, on the stage, or at a conference table.

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