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Replay: How to Avoid Burnout by Recognizing the Difference Between Depersonalization and Detachment

  1. Replay: How to Avoid Burnout by Recognizing the Difference Between Depersonalization and Detachment Jennifer George 11:32

Replay – Originally Aired Sept 21st 2021; When you hear the word ‘detached,’ what do you think of?  What about ‘depersonalized’? Do you know what the difference between detachment and depersonalization is? 

Well, in this week’s solo episode of the Healthcare Provider Happy Hour, I will be discussing the difference between depersonalization; one of the core components of burnout, and detachment. I will share strategies and insights on how these components can lead to, and prevent burnout, along with key strategies to help you navigate them. 

Listen in to learn:

  • How to create boundaries to avoid toxicity inside and outside the workplace
  • What signals to watch for in noticing not only emotional signs, but also physical signs within ourselves to alert us of toxicity 
  • Why health boundaries are critical to detach yourself when needed
  • How to be aware of a negative environment and how to approach the situation 

Grab your drink of choice and join the conversation!


Connect with Jennifer George:

Click here to check out my book about connecting and communicating with patients to empower their experiences!


The Healthcare Provider Happy Hour Podcast makes no warranty, guarantee, or representation as to the accuracy or sufficiency of the information featured in this Podcast. The information, opinions, and recommendations presented in this podcast are for general information only and any reliance on the information provided in this podcast is done at your own risk. This podcast should not be considered professional advice. Please speak with your own healthcare practitioner when seeking medical advice.

Jennifer George Author, Physiotherapist, Podcast Host

At the onset of my career as a Physiotherapist (PT) in 2007, I also became a caregiver to my chronically ill father. Throughout my career and caregiving, I saw both sides of the healthcare system – as a clinician and as a family member & caregiver – and I witnessed the gaps in communication between providers and patients. Walking into a medical appointment with my dad was always a psychological experience and quite often, his healing and our outlook was mainly impacted by the quality of the interactions.

When my dad died in 2018, I was inspired to write my first book, Communication is Care: 9 Empowering Strategies to Guide Patient Healing, published in June 2019. I wrote this book with the intention to help healthcare providers enhance their communication skills and be able to communicate with patients in such a way that it would help their patients achieve their highest level of function, recovery, and independence. My book has received a few awards and was an Amazon Bestseller upon its launch.

In October 2019, I further launched my podcast, The Healthcare Provider Happy Hour. The purpose of my podcast is to support the well-being of healthcare providers so that they may create the best patient experiences and minimize their risk of burnout. I’ve released over 200 episodes to date and have had the opportunity to chat with like-minded people on a similar mission over the past three years from all over the globe.”

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