1. Balancing Career and Caregiving Elizabeth Miller 56:47

I thought it fitting to publish this episode during November, which is National Family Caregivers Month, and this year’s theme is #caregiversconnect. A great theme since, on this show, we are about creating a connective community of family caregivers and connecting (or I say fast-tracking) you to the help and support you need, crave, or don’t even know about.

I have a relentless passion for seeing and helping family caregivers. When I started Happy Healthy Caregiver, I had a clear mission of providing support and resources to family caregivers, and I wanted to do this full-time. And I also need an income. I worked on Happy Healthy Caregiver while working full-time as a Sandwich Generation Caregiver. I had no business starting a business, and yet I knew this was needed. I felt isolated, alone, overwhelmed, unhealthy, and drowning as a sandwich-generation working Caregiver. If we change nothing, then nothing changes. I struggled with how to monetize HHC. I always wanted people who could afford my services (like organizations and companies) to pay for support for family caregivers. Caregivers are already paying and doing too much.

I monetize my business in 2 ways.

  1. Accidental influencer – content, ads, partnerships with companies I like and respect who could offer a product or service caregivers may need or want
  2. Professional speaker – Talking about Self-Care and caregiving. I’m hired by faith communities, nonprofits, and employers to share my story and fast-track their members or employees to resources I wish I knew about. I validate their experiences and tell them that support is available and where to find it.

Today’s episode is primarily coming from a presentation I prepared for SHRM ATL conference about balancing carer and caregiving. Attendees at this conference were primarily those who work in Human Resources.

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