1. Do Not Ignore Your Mortality. Promoting Conversations To Prevent Unnecessary Anguish with Greg Barnsdale Emily Thiroux Threatt 29:52

Have you conceived a plan for when you or a loved one passes away?

There is a certain resistance, almost superstitious, in Western societies to discuss end-of-life affairs. Yet, things like having a valid and current will or letting our loved ones know whether we prefer a burial or a cremation could save them from the pain of making decisions while dealing with death and loss. 

In this episode, I’m joined by the amazing Greg Barnsdale. Throughout his experience as a Funeral Director and Certified Executor Advisor, Greg noticed that lack of planning on end-of-life affairs put people through a lot of anguish that could’ve been easily avoided by planning specific details beforehand. He wanted to do something about it and help people, so he wrote a book and came up with “Do Not Ignore Your Mortality: Practical Advice From a Funeral & Financial Insider,” which he conceived as a conversation starter, yet it is a lot more than that. 

Throughout this episode, Greg talks about The Mortality Mindset Movement, an idea he created to entice his followers to discuss final arrangements openly and in the most natural way possible. He also shares tips and advice on how to start end-of-life discussions, the right time to have them, what matters he believes people should focus on discussing before it is too late, and much more.

Tune in and listen to episode 208 and discover a practical and uncomplicated way of dealing with end-of-life planning.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • About Greg’s background and the origin of his passion for end-of-life planning (1:10)
  • Greg talks about the impact his book has had (6:30)
  • What is the main thing people should plan for when thinking about their mortality (11:10)
  • Planning end-of-life affairs reduces the stress of aging (15:40)
  • Why having a current and valid will is crucial (20:00)

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Having gone through the experience of the deaths of so many loved ones, I have learned to face life with love, optimism, and joy.

I have kept journals and written to express myself most of my life which led me to a career of teaching writing and writing books. I naturally turned to writing to help deal with my grief, then I discovered I could use writing to help friends deal with grief, too.

In contemplating how I could best help the grieving people I was working with, my Ignite moment came when realized the importance of helping people understand the importance of happiness and how they could grieve and be happy at the same time.

To share my message, I host the Grief and Happiness podcast, I wrote the book Loving and Living Your Way Though Grief, I facilitate weekly meetings of the Grief and Happiness Alliance, I founded the Grief and Happiness nonprofit foundation, I publish a weekly newsletter and blog, and my new book, The Grief and Happiness Handbook is coming out soon.