1. Episode 50: Open Enrollment: Paying a Fortune, But Still Unprotected? Understanding the Limitations of Health Insurance Sandy Kibling 49:56

Are you paying for health insurance but still feel unprotected? Brace yourself for a shocking revelation.

Harlon Pickett, our guest today, uncovered a sobering truth that will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew. Despite having health insurance, a staggering 80% of those facing bankruptcy due to medical debt were actually insured. 

“We have been brainwashed in this country to believe that health care and health insurance are the same thing.” ~ Harlon Pickett

Prepare to have your eyes opened as Harlon unravels the complexities of our healthcare system and reveals the hidden barriers preventing many Americans from accessing the care they desperately need. 

Stay tuned for this jaw-dropping insight that could change the way you navigate your healthcare forever.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Understanding the complexities of the healthcare system to make informed decisions about your own health.
  • The limitations of your health insurance to advocate for the necessary care you deserve.
  • The non-clinical factors that influence healthcare decisions and take control of your own medical journey.
  • Direct Primary Care as an alternative option for personalized and accessible healthcare.
  • The importance of understanding your healthcare options to optimize your wellness and peace of mind.

Harlon Pickett, our guest for today, is a seasoned expert in the healthcare industry with over two decades of experience as an insurance broker. With a deep understanding of the shifting landscapes of insurance and healthcare, Harlon recognizes the need for affordable yet comprehensive health insurance coverage that caters to the unique needs of individuals. 

Since 2007, Harlon has worked as a qualified and licensed insurance agent, providing personalized assistance to individuals, families, and small businesses across the country. 

With his wealth of knowledge and insights, Harlon is here today to shed light on the limitations of health insurance and how individuals can advocate for the necessary healthcare services they deserve.

The key moments in this episode are:

00:03:26 – Issues with the Healthcare System

00:07:08 – Dependence on Health Insurance

00:09:33 – Non-Clinical Decision-Making

00:12:22 – Pre-Authorizations and Medical Management

00:16:54 – Importance of Primary Care and the Need for a Better Healthcare System

00:18:07 – The Importance of Doctor-Patient Relationships and Lost Connections

00:21:02 – Paid But Unprotected: Understanding HSA-Compatible Plans

00:31:59 – Introduction to Advanced Primary Care

00:34:42 – Taking Control of Your Healthcare

00:38:23 – Frustrations within the Current Healthcare System

00:46:43 – The Secret Knock to Getting Better Healthcare Options

00:47:27 – Teaching Others About Better Healthcare

00:48:24 – Resources for Informed Healthcare Decisions

00:48:51 – Open Enrollment and Alternative Healthcare Options


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Sandy is a health care professional having served in numerous roles including physician consulting and working for a large healthcare insurance company. She has worked on the frontline addressing physician and subscriber issues and has heard first-hand the frustration and concern about affordability and navigating a complicated healthcare system.

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