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  1. 127. Rage Against the Midlife with Kimberly (Kimby) Samson Lori Saitz 44:09

Have you ever seen those memes that compare the co-stars of “The Firm”, Wilford Brimley looking elderly at age 56 and Tom Cruise looking young at age 56?

These memes show us that these days, people are aging much more gracefully, or at least not according to the same timetable they used to.

Did the timetable ever make sense to begin with?

Is there supposed to be a specific age where we begin to question whether Fine is a 4-Letter Word?

Kimberly, or Kimby Samson grew up without a lot of specific values. It was more like learning through modeling rather by teaching. Her parents showed her an example and she was expected to follow – there wasn’t a lot of conversation.

When it came time for her Bat Mitzvah, she was told she couldn’t have one, and she’d get a big wedding instead.

Oh, and did she – Kimby got the most fabulous, amazing wedding – as she says, the wedding of her mother’s dreams!

In this episode, I didn’t ask Kimby about that specific moment when she realized things weren’t “fine” – it was implied that since we were talking about the Midlife crisis, especially as it pertains to women, hitting “Midlife” is when we’re supposed to begin facing those questions.

For Kimby, it was finding she had done well in her career, in her great marriage and with her three wonderful children, and also seeing that she was bored.

Her journey was to find her mojo again. And then she wrote a guide to help you do the same. Her recently published book is appropriately called, F*CK THIS: Practical Advice To Get You Through Your Midlife Crisis.

In a moment, when you meet Kimby, you’ll get a new point of view about this Midlife time.

You’re looking to push an easy button – “change your career”, “reconnect with your dreams” – and “take this pill”.

What if it’s not an easy button but more a matter of taking one small step at a time? Maybe instead of big milestone celebrations, make every moment a small party?

Allowing your curiosity to take you on a journey where one thing leads to the next and you discover things you’d never thought possible?

Kimby’s hype song is “Milkshake” by Kelis.


Invitation from Lori:

If, like Kimby, everything in your life is good but you’re still bored, the 5 Easy Ways to Start Living The Sabbatical Life guide is for you.

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It’s only 7 pages, so it won’t take you long to get through. The five tactics are simple, but you could find yourself seeing that what you’re told is not fine actually IS fine, and you’re destined for a different, more personal journey.

When you’re ready to say F*ck Being Fine – and F*ck those who say you’re not fine – then this guide is the place to start. It’s time to blaze your own trail and allow your curiosity to take you on a new quest!

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Lori Saitz Gratitude & Meditation Expert and Podcast Host

Lori Saitz is the founder and CEO of Zen Rabbit and host of the podcast “Fine is a 4-Letter Word.” An award-winning author, speaker, and broadcaster, Lori is on a mission to teach the world to be calm and grounded no matter what’s going on.

High achievers come to her because they have a strong drive to be productive, but at the end of the day never feel accomplished enough. As a nationally recognized gratitude and meditation expert, Lori guides those entrepreneurs and business and community leaders from stressed and chaotic to peaceful and focused and shows them how to live a sabbatical life. Then they then start seeing sales increase, relationships strengthen, and overall health improve.

In August 2022, Lori took a month-long sabbatical road trip with her 19-year-old cat. Read her account in chapter 8 of Love Warriors: The Conscious Expert’s Guide to Healing, Joy, and Manifestation. You can often find Lori in her sanctuary, aka the weight room at the gym. She also loves cupcakes, Thai food, and classic rock music.