1. Calm Around the World: Five Cultures, Five Stories Sel Gaston 7:24

Dive into a serene exploration with “Find Your Daily Calm,” as Sel guides you on a global journey of tranquility. From the moonlit lotus ponds of Japan to the whispering pines of Scandinavia, discover how calm weaves through the tapestry of cultures worldwide. Embrace the quiet wisdom of a Cherokee stream, find shade and stories under a West African Baobab, and lose yourself in the vast peace of the Middle Eastern desert. This episode is an invitation to find calm within, across continents and cultures, proving that tranquility is a universal language spoken by all who seek it. Join Sel and unearth the serene secrets embedded in the heart of diverse traditions, and may you carry a piece of this calm into your daily life.

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My mission is to develop people and help them show their best versions to the world. I am an educator, a mindfulness and executive coach, a podcaster and social media pundit that want nothing more to see people connecting to find more meaningfulness in all the things they do.