1. Saba Khan-Smith outlines what is could take to create the Retirement you've always dreamed about. Saba Khan-Smith 27:29

Saba Khan-Smith shares some things you can do today to help make sure you can have the Retirement you’ve always dreamed about. Then, the presidential election is just weeks away and that has some retirees wondering what the outcome will do to or for them. Spoiler alert, it really doesn’t matter who’s in the White House when it comes to Retirement planning and Saba explains why. Call Saba 877-524-2677

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Saba Khan Financial Advisor, Podcaster

Saba Khan is a financial advisor and annuity specialist who focuses on helping baby boomers get to and through retirement. Saba is a specialist in IRA distribution, income planning and creating a safe and secure retirement. She also has federal employee expertise.