1. FR EP #356 Turning Your Setbacks into Stepping Stones with Val Brown Gina R Farrar 52:55

Today on Feminine Roadmap guest Val Brown shares strategies to help you turn your setbacks into stepping stones. Val firmly believes in the power of stories – change your story and you’ll change your life. After she lost her love of over 40 years, she found herself lost and the identity she had held was gone. Her Grief journey was the catalyst for the passion to help others understand their own journey, to honor every part of it. She encourages listeners to pause and recognize where they find themselves today and understand what it is that they are carrying. We live our lives through the stories that we are telling to ourselves and those around us. Rewriting our stories is a key part of building those stepping stones to overcome our setbacks. We are so much more than what has happened to us and the stories we have told to survive. Once we realize that we are not alone then true healing can take place without shame or guilt. A key part of this is to be able to reconcile those things so we can move on. If this resonates with you, this episode will be a helpful tool for you. Please grab a cuppa something wonderful and join us. https://visualbridgecommunication.com

Gina Farrar Midlife Podcast Host

Hi I'm Gina R. Farrar, creator and host of Feminine Roadmap podcast. In 2018 I launched my podcast because I wasn't seeing real conversations take place around all things midlife so I decided to create a comprehensive midlife resource through my podcast. I would love to have you grab a cuppa something wonderful and join me for some awesome conversations. I am also multi-passionate artist primarily focusing on creating acrylic and watercolor art.