1. FR Ep #353 Unleashing Your Strongest Most Empowered Self with Rachel Freiman Gina R Farrar 47:33

Today on Feminine Roadmap guest Rachel Freiman talks about unleashing your strongest, most empowered self. Rachel is a lover of lifting heavy things and is passionate about helping others unleash their strongest, most empowered selves through education and mindset training. She shares how your health is the most important asset you have and it is so much more than the number on the scale. Diets are not designed to last, they are short term strategies that keep us locked in a loop of struggle. As we learn to understand true health we begin to develop skills to empower ourselves and step into our power. Once we begin the journey, we can begin to experience optimal health and energy. Neuroscience has become a powerful tool to empowering real change as we begin to rewire our brains with new mindsets and habits. Our bodies are created to do incredible things and Rachel’s goal is to help people understand that it is possible to become strong and healthy in your body at any age. It’s time to shift our inner monologue from guilt, shame and blame to forgiveness, grace and freedom. Grab a cuppa something wonderful and join us to unleash your strongest, most empowered self! https://www.mindstrongfitnesscoaching.com/

Gina Farrar Midlife Podcast Host

Hi I'm Gina R. Farrar, creator and host of Feminine Roadmap podcast. In 2018 I launched my podcast because I wasn't seeing real conversations take place around all things midlife so I decided to create a comprehensive midlife resource through my podcast. I would love to have you grab a cuppa something wonderful and join me for some awesome conversations. I am also multi-passionate artist primarily focusing on creating acrylic and watercolor art.