1. FR Ep #344 It's OK to Say it Outloud Honesty About Depression with Susan Paradis Gina R Farrar 47:14

Today on Feminine Roadmap, it’s OK to say it out loud, honesty about depression with Susan Paradis CEO, Business Owner and Single Mom . Susan shares her experience with battling lifelong depression in the hopes of helping other people. In this episode she talks about her own journey of discovery, what she has found works for her, what hasn’t, and how she has navigated it. Her goal in sharing is to help normalize the conversation about depression and how we can work together to manage it. Whether you struggle with depression, or have a loved one struggling , this podcast is intended to help better understand depression. Susan candidly shares signs to look for, wearing “the mask”, the day-to-day effects of depression, how it affects your personal and professional life; how to pull yourself out of a “funk”, how to help others and most importantly, how her faith has played a big part in her life-long journey. Depression can be cyclical so it’s important to understand and identify your own clues when it begins to set in. It’s ok to have depression, it’s a condition that for some never goes away. The power comes in recognizing that while depression may always be present, it can be kept under control so that it doesn’t derail your life. Susan encourages those with depression to accept the reality and set about putting together a “tool kit” to help you manage it. In our conversation she talks about several helpful strategies that can mitigate the downslide and stabilize your emotional state. One important thing is the importance of not struggling alone and putting on a mask. You do not have to struggle in silence, finding a small circle of trustworthy people who can be there to listen and be with you is key. Grab a cuppa something wonderful and join us to learn more strategies to add to your toolbelt. Please remember to subscribe, rate and share this with someone who needs to hear this message of hope.

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