1. FR Ep #341 How Developing a Generosity Practice Makes You Unstoppable with Christina Frei Gina R Farrar 40:42

Today on Feminine Roadmap: How to developing a generosity practice makes you unstoppable with Christina Frei. Christina found herself feeling anxious on an airplane and decided to play a game. The game she created was to imagine of she could give something to everyone what would it be? She imagined having limitless opportunity and resources to generously give to others and that shifted her energy in that moment. Christina took this to others and through that developed it into a practice. Fast forward to writing and publishing her new book, “The Generosity Practice Book: 40 Days to Unstoppable”. Her idea of looking at things from a limitless abundance point of view – her generosity practice- helps people open up and find joy. She encourages listeners to ask themselves some simple questions. At the start of the day ask, “What feels good to offer today?” The fun part of this is that it’s imaginary so it can be anything at all from money to things to superpowers. Allowing our minds to lift up out of the weight of reality and spend some time creating a world of generosity and community helps our heart to expand. Generosity itself is a gift and in focusing on seeing the world and opportunity through the greatest possibility allows us to hear our hearts more clearly and can develop a clarity of purpose. This generosity practice is the connection between integrating your personal sanctuary with your love of service. This episode is a conversation that will lift, inspire and encourage you. Please grab a cuppa something wonderful and join us! https://www.christinafrei.com

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