1. Preserving Your Sanity-Caregivers Need These Tips Alzheimer's Caregivers 1:00:47

Preserving Your Sanity-Caregivers Need These Tips &Raquo; Claudia Wolff Owbcefxgrie Unsplash

Caregiving with more confidence and less stress? The modern family dynamic often finds adult children unprepared for the role of Caregiver, which can lead to stress, burnout, and fragmentation. Having an aging care plan can solve many of these problems.

We’ explore just that, with expert insights from Annalie Kruger, the founder of Care Right Incorporated. Annalie shares harrowing statistics – 92% of their clients are in crisis mode, feeling overwhelmed and without a plan! With her guidance, we discuss how having an aging plan can save families time, money, and prevent unnecessary stress. Additionally, we dive into Annalie’s book, ‘The Invisible Patient: The Emotional, Financial, and Physical Toll on Family Caregivers’, and how it assists family caregivers in creating an aging plan.

(00:01) Caregiver Burnout and Aging Planning
(11:34) Financial Planner’s Role in Crisis
(23:34) Approaching Aging Planning and Care Decisions
(33:44) Navigating Caregiving Challenges and Family Dynamics
(42:16) Care Planning for Aging and Dementia
(55:44) Benefits of Aging Plan

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After helping care for her grandmother who had vascular dementia, Jennifer realized her Mother was showing signs of early onset Alzheimer’s. After the death of her father in 2017 Jennifer went searching for answers to many of the common questions and Alzheimer’s caregiver faces. Being a busy entrepreneur Jennifer realized that a podcast would be the easiest way to learn more about caregiving while completing other tasks.

Sadly, in late 2017 she only found one and it didn’t quite address what she was looking for, so she did the next best thing, and started her own. The Fading Memories podcast is now in it’s fourth year and despite the death of her Mom in March 2020, Jennifer is still talking to caregivers and still learning how to be an excellent caregiver. On the podcast she discusses caregiving, brain health, self-care and how to age well.