How to Get your Sexy back in Midlife and Beyond 🔥

Today we go on a wonderful journey from lost and lonely to surviving and thriving with Bestselling Author, Speaker, Host, Executive Coach & Master Trainer Elian Haan.
I am so delighted to have with us here today Elian. Let’s start with you sharing a little bit about yourself and why you do what you do before getting into our topic today about Getting our Sexy back!! Love it!

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00:00 How to Get your Sexy back in Midlife and Beyond
00:44 Who is Elian Haan?

You Deserve to be Heard is the channel for women wanting to make the most of their lives.

Fabulous after Fifty Coaching is for women wanting to fully embrace this part of their lives, changing what needs to be changed, letting go of that which no longer serves them, finally owning their uniqueness and daring to be heard.

In each 30+ minute episode I interview an expert in her field on a wide array of topics relevant to our tribe, sharing wisdom, expertise, tips and tricks. I can guarantee you will not be bored!

Wheras my Fabulous after Fifty podcast can be listened to as we go about other activities, the idea of this youtube channel is to take notes and take action. If not now, when?

Join me as we make the most of this incredible rollercoaster we call life!

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Originally British, brought up in France and currently living in the Netherlands after having worked and lived in various countries around the world, I am passionate about helping my clients be heard. I call myself a 'Projector' as I enhance and boost their message, to themselves via coaching and to others via also improvements to their English content via writing, editing and translating (from Dutch and French into English). I host " Fabulous after Fifty" a podcast and YouTube channel dedicated to helping my listeners make the most of these years ahead, changing what needs to be changed and embracing the rest. If not now, when? The world is ours, time to shine, live to our full capacity while making the world a better place, one person at a time.