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  1. From Suppression to the Expression of Emotions Evergreen Podcasts 55:58

In this episode of EZ Conversations, I sit down with Paul Zolman, an advocate for emotional well-being. We delve deep into Paul’s childhood, which was marked by emotional suppression and the silent build-up of inner turmoil. Growing up, Paul found himself unable to express his feelings openly, leading to a journey of self-discovery later in life.

We explore how Paul’s inability to articulate emotions led to a simmering anger within him, which he carried into adulthood. Despite his success in the professional realm, he grappled with a profound sense of dissatisfaction and disconnection from his true self.

Paul recounts his pivotal realization—a turning point that propelled him to seek meaning and understand his emotional landscape. Through introspection and therapy, Paul embarked on a journey of healing, confronting the roots of his suppressed emotions and learning to express them authentically.

A highlight of our conversation is Paul’s transformative experience in developing a game based on the concept of the five love languages. He shares how this creative endeavour became a powerful tool for exploring and understanding emotions for himself and others navigating similar struggles.

Throughout the episode, we unpack the importance of acknowledging and embracing emotions as integral parts of our human experience. Paul’s story serves as a beacon of hope for anyone wrestling with suppressed feelings, reminding us that self-discovery and emotional fulfillment begin with a willingness to confront our innermost selves.

Please tune in to this enlightening episode of EZ Conversations as we unravel the layers of emotional suppression and uncover the transformative power of self-awareness and expression.

Paul Zolman is the international bestselling author of The Role of Love. Paul’s childhood experience was the opposite of love. From that austere beginning and the distaste it formed inside him, he searched for and eventually created a method that transformed his life from anger to loving everyone. Growing up in a family of abuse, physical touch became his preferred love style only because of the regularity.

Paul Zolman has created a new way to demonstrate the principles of love languages. It’s a profound way to learn all five love languages to give them away. By giving them away, your vision will improve so that you can see them coming your way and respond appropriately. A game where everyone wins!

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Furkhan Dandia Therapist and Coach

I am a men's coach, therapist, group facilitator, podcaster and author. My journey began five years ago when I was going through a separation. I found myself alone and in a shame spiral that our culture and society covertly exert on people due to the perceived "failure" of a marriage. Unfortunately, I personalized that message which led me to fall deeper into a hole, causing me to surround myself with people that did not serve me and engage in substance abuse. While seeking therapy, I was not making the wholesale changes I needed.

As part of my experience with therapy, I realized that I am not alone in the challenges men my age experience (I separated at the age of 34/35). I realized I could be a voice for men like myself and offer support in this space. In the middle of the pandemic, I applied for a Master's degree in Psychology to become a therapist. This change was a significant shift for me as I worked in the corporate world as an engineer. Once I leaned into the space of supporting other men, I also started a podcast to normalize these difficult conversations and started a men's group a year later with the support of a friend.

I thought I was giving something back when I started the men's group. However, I quickly realized I was getting substantially more from the connections I built than I initially anticipated. It was also something I needed because I was going through another breakup.

At that point, I also realized that I had not taken the time to heal, and I was outsourcing my healing through romantic relationships, substances, material acquisitions and superficial relationships. I decided to step away from the outgoing lifestyle and started to focus on my healing which was another phase of evolution for me on my journey. Over the last year and a half, I have become mindful of the people I spend my time with. I have cleaned my lifestyle of substances, toxic environments and behaviours. I have focused on my sleep, my health and my knowledge. I have improved my spiritual relationship with myself, which was lacking the most over the past five years. This is the best I have felt.

As part of my solitude journey and to find myself again, I also released a book encapsulating my journey, which I hope to share with others. My book is titled: The Pursuit of Self-Love.