1. ENCORE: Zen Buddhist monk Claude AnShin Thomas Dr Mara Karpel Your Golden Years 1:01:00

We have another live show to help us start off the New Year 2024 on the right foot!

Vietnam War veteran, Zen Buddhist monk, Founder of the Zaltho Foundation, and author, Claude AnShin Thomas, has been on the show several times to discuss finding peace within and around us. 

 We’re happy to have him back to start off the year with a discussion of creating peace within ourselves in 2024!

Dr. Mara Karpel Clinical Psychologist, Author, Podcaster

Dr. Mara Karpel has been a practicing clinical psychologist for over thirty years, specializing in working with older adults and caregivers, as well as adults of all ages who are dealing with issues of anxiety, depression–or desiring to create more joy in their lives. She also specializes in working with veterans. Dr. Mara is the host of the Blog Talk Radio Show, "Dr. Mara Karpel & Your Golden Years," a program about the social, emotional, and health issues of older adults, caregivers, Boomers, and all who want to grow older with greater health and more joy. She is a regular contributor to Medium and has contributed to Huffington Post, Thrive Global, and Sivana East.

Dr. Mara’s Internationally Best-Selling Book, "The Passionate Life: Creating Vitality & Joy at Any Age," is a guide for all who want to live a more vital, joyful life! After all, Passion, Joy, and Vitality are not just for the young! They are meant for the young at heart no matter what our age.