1. 576. Tapping Your Way into the Success You Actually Want w/ Brad Yates Darian Parker 40:13

Brad Yates is known internationally for his creative and often humorous use of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also known as Tapping. Millions of people all over the world have tuned in to Brad’s YouTube videos or attended one of his live speaking events where he helps people realize their true potential through Tapping. Initially trained as a hypnotherapist, Brad was introduced to Tapping and found it so powerful and so life-altering that he has devoted his life to showing others how to use this technique to feel better, do better, and live better.

Brad’s Links:
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/tapwithbrad
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tapwithbrad/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tapwithbrad/
Website: https://www.tapwithbrad.com/

Intro Music by Wordsmith: www.wordsmithmusic.com

Time Stamps:
00:01 Introduction and Meeting Brad
00:07 Understanding Tapping and Its Origins
01:43 Brad’s Personal Journey to Tapping
06:54 The Resistance to Change and Tapping
10:03 The Impact of Tapping on Brad’s Life
11:28 Tapping as a Daily Practice
13:14 Demonstration of Tapping Technique
20:03 Understanding Resistance to Change
20:35 The Role of Motivation and Resistance
21:04 Clearing Resistance and Embracing Change
21:09 Understanding the Fear of Taking Action
21:31 Appreciating and Addressing Misunderstandings
21:59 Clearing Old Fears and Embracing Excitement
22:31 The Power of Self-Awareness and Tapping
23:11 The Unexpected Benefits of Emotional Work
23:51 The Power of Intention and Self-Talk
25:13 Understanding Subconscious Resistance
26:18 The Role of Tapping in Relationship Building
27:53 The Importance of Self-Compassion
29:26 Incorporating Tapping into Family Life
31:14 The Journey to YouTube Success
32:28 Understanding Resistance to Success
34:16 The Power of Tapping in Achieving Success
38:31 Getting Started with Tapping
39:13 Final Thoughts and Appreciation

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Dr. Darian Parker earned his Ph.D in Sports Education Leadership with an emphasis in Behavior Modification from UNLV. He earned his Master and Bachelor degrees from James Madison University in Kinesiology. Dr. Parker is the Co-Owner of Epic Leisure Management LLC., the Owner of Parker Personal Training LLC and the Host of Dr. D's Social Network Podcast. Dr. Parker is a certified personal trainer through the NSCA. During Dr. Parker's career he has served several roles in the fitness and wellness industry. He has worked extensively in both the academic and private club sector as a Director of Education for a Career College, General Manager of a high end luxury residential fitness club and National Director of Fitness for a global leisure management company.