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April 24th, 2024 Mature Content

Sustainable Fashion, Earth-Friendly Marketing, and Calling BS on Greenwashing with Amy Auble

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  1. Sustainable Fashion, Earth-Friendly Marketing, and Calling BS on Greenwashing with Amy Auble Carly Jean Puch 37:54

Amy Auble is on a mission to show you can do business with the planet in mind. Amy blends her marketing acumen with an unwavering commitment to our planet’s health, leading to her role as co-owner of Jelt, where they craft belts from recycled plastic with pride. We unravel the complexities of sustainability, touching on the challenges faced when the current economic system seems at odds with eco-friendly practices, and celebrate the rewards that come from making a positive impact.

Amy delves into the web of sustainable product certifications and their pivotal role in differentiating the eco-warriors from the greenwashers. Her journey through the landscape of B Corp and 1% for the Planet certifications has been enlightening, underscoring the impact of supporting local manufacturing and mindful consumption. This episode peels back the layers of what it means to market products with genuine environmental benefits, emphasizing that sometimes, the greenest choice is the one already within our grasp. 

The conversation wouldn’t be complete without addressing the broader canvas of activism and policy’s role in championing change. Drawing inspiration from documentaries that shake the foundations of our understanding and organizations that embolden us to take action, Amy shares stories from the frontlines of local activism. We acknowledge the gravity of global concerns and the privilege that comes with access to sustainable options, urging each listener to use their influence for the world we envision. So, tune in, and let’s take a step together towards a greener future, with every conscious choice we make.

Guest Bio: Amy Auble is a sustainably driven entrepreneur and the founder of Alpine Start Media, an agency built to manage social media and email marketing for sustainable brands. As the co-founder of jelt, a line of products made from recycled plastic, Amy has hands-on experience and intelligence when it comes to growing and marketing purpose-driven, eco-conscious brands. Passionate about combining personal choices with sustainable business models and products, Amy helps sustainable brands boost their social media footprint, grow revenue through email marketing, and scale to new heights.

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As I stumbled through the perils of answering the ultimate question, "what do you want to do with your life?" I knew somehow my answer would incorporate helping others. This translated into paths that, when I tuned into the universe, I realized were very connected. (Funny how that always happens!)

People are complicated, messy, and layered with identities. So is this space. I am a meditation enthusiast that sits in quietness every morning and a lover of blasting 90's hip-hop at full volume. I'm a gym rat and a yoga instructor. I am both learner and a teacher. We are all many things. Together we can make them all work.

I love to share all the things I'm learning along the way. Learning how to be your most fabulous self but being honest about how damn hard and messy it can be along the way lets you speak your truth. It allows you to best use your voice for the causes that matter to you. Let's get healthy and change the world together!

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