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  1. Planting Peace: How Cannabis Cultivation Aligns with Eco-Conscious Living with Eloisa Lewis Carly Puch 34:14

Eloisa Lewis is back for part 2! Join us as we peel back the layers of cannabis and its multifaceted relationship with health, society, and the environment. We kick off the conversation with my own experiences, recounting how cannabis served as an alternative to prescription medications during my teenage years, and provided relief from anxiety and stress. This narrative paves the way to challenge the societal norms surrounding substances and encourages listeners to consider the medicinal benefits of cannabis that I observed long before it became a part of mainstream discussions on wellness.

Listen in as we delve into the cultural and spiritual tapestry that cannabis weaves, drawing from personal stories of sobriety and the journey toward mental health and inner peace. We dissect the distinctions between hemp and marijuana, the regenerative and potential anti-cancer properties of cannabis, and how it ties into earth-based spirituality and sustainable practices. This episode is a melting pot of ideas, exploring how the plant’s role extends beyond recreation or medication, nurturing a profound connection with the Earth and its natural cycles.

Finally, tune in to our discussion about the importance of sustainable living, where I share my adventures through permaculture and cannabis cultivation. We examine the historical shift from traditional to industrial farming, the critical need for organic practices, and how cannabis fits into the larger picture of environmental stewardship. This conversation is a call to action for mindful consumption, the appreciation of clean resources, and the recognition of cannabis as a plant that not only heals individuals but also has the potential to heal the planet.

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Guest Bio: Eloisa Lewis aka Elsa Worldwide is a climate scientist and metaphysical healer who founded their organization “New Climate Culture” in the pursuit of helping the world enter into deeper ecological harmony and in the pursuit of world peace. She/he/they promote biodiversity with permaculture and indigenous techniques across sectors and industries. Their clients and mentees range from academic research institutes to blockchain, with a focused emphasis on human connectivity and rehabilitation over disconnection and retribution. Her expertise can be considered: in decolonization, indigenization, astrobiology, agriculture, as well as Grief and trauma relief. She’s available for consulting, training, mentorship, design implementation, policy advising, community building, and metaphysical healing services. Find her on YouTube @NewClimateCulture @CultureBored, on Instagram @NomadSoulful @NewClimateCulture @CultureBored, or via her website NewClimateCulture.com.

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